How To Do The Florida Man Challenge

“Florida Man” is one of the longest-running headlines in tabloid media. It originated somewhere between 2012 and 2013 as a trending hashtag on Twitter, and since then (over 8 years later), it has jumped on and off the #Top10 trending list.

Last March, it officially turned into a birthday challenge, which has only brought even more popularity to the crazy headlines. 

Completing the Florida Man challenge is a hilarious way to prove just how crazy you really are to your friends. First, you’ll need to Google the day of your birthday, followed by “Florida Man.” Once you find the most insane “Florida Man” story on the internet, you have to reveal it to all of your followers!

Florida Man May 4

In an era where there’s a new “challenge” every week, this has not only been one of the longest-standing challenges, but it’s also become one of my personal favorites. I remember doing one for my birthday last year, and I look forward to doing it again this year and seeing just how much crazier Florida has gotten in the past year. 

How To Do The Florida Man Birthday Challenge

Like many challenges, the Florida Man challenge is a birthday challenge. So the idea is to either do it for your own birthday or look up your friend or partner’s birthday and surprise them with a hilarious post on their page. 

If you’re still unsure about what exactly “Florida Man” is, then check out the best Florida Man headlines here. Basically, the trend originated from a bunch of tabloid headlines from early 2012 that all started with the phrase “Florida Man…” finished by whatever crazy tomfoolery said individual committed. Most of the Florida Man stories are about comical or crazy crimes, but some are just funny bloopers. 

Want to try the challenge yourself? Here’s how!

Step 1: Google Your Birthday

The first step is to Google your birthday. The year isn’t important since the Florida man stories didn’t even start until 2012. So unless you’re under the age of 8, all you need to do is search for the month and day you were born.

Step 2: Search For “Florida Man”

Then, following your birthday, you’ll need to type in the text, “Florida Man.” Press ‘Search’ and wait for the results to pop up. I guarantee that you’ll have at least 5 different stories to read through (I had about 10, LOL). 

Step 3: Find The Most Insane Story

Your next goal is to find the most insane story. As I mentioned, some of the stories are just comical and harmless, while others are absolutely wild! 

Step 4: Post It To Your Social Media Followers! 

Once you find the craziest one (or the one that’s most relatable), post it on all of your social media accounts! Then, sit back and get prepared for the onslaught of comments and jokes made at your own expense.

Step 5 (Optional): Make A Video Of You Mimicking It!

This is completely optional… BUT, if you really want to go all out, then you can make some great trending content by mimicking whatever the headline was. Just re-post the headline, and then post your reaction to it or enlist some of your friends to help you re-enact it!