Florida Man January 1 (1/1)

Florida Man January 1

N***d Florida man bites K-9, punches and spits on deputies.

The suspect laughed and made bird noises as he paced back and forth, completely n**e except for the mud smeared over his body.

When deputies approached him to investigate strange noises coming from a shallow creek, they noticed that Watts was high on m**h making it difficult to communicate with him about what had attracted their attention in the first place.

When the suspect attempted to get away, authorities waited for backup. Six more deputies and their dog, Casper joined them in the woods where they caught up with him on his hands and knees growling like a dog.

Accordingly, they sent their own K-9 to subdue him but instead Watts pounced on our canine friend clamping down hard as he bit its ear!

He then wrestled Casper off of himself by means of an arm lock – viciously choking it until finally surrendering after being pinned down from all sides.